Oil Changes & Quick Lube

(Featuring Castrol products with Castrol rebates) Have you ever tried one of those quick lube places where it seemed everyone was just hired yesterday? AUTO XPRESS has been serving Joplin for over 21 years and we have seasoned employees who know what preventive maintenance really is. When you know what you are doing you can not only do it right, but you can do it quickly. We get you in and out fast, just like you like it.

Missouri State Inspection Station

No one likes getting a vehicle inspected… especially if there’s a chance it won’t pass. That’s when you will appreciate us here at AUTO EXPRESS. If your car or truck will pass, then we get you swiftly on your way. If you have a unexpected problem, our friendly,and positive service will have you in a better mood once we have you rolling again.

Interstate Batteries

There are many kinds of car batteries on the market. Why buy an unreliable off brand that may not last or, worse yet, stall your transportation? its just not worth it. Talk to us about interstate Batteries, one of the best batteries you can buy. Besides being a top ranked company with great corporate ethics they know what making a top quality battery is all about.

Tires: (Hankook, BFG, Westlake)

Need tires? While you wait on your next oil change, ask one of our attendants to fill you in on all the tires we stock. We would be happy to supply you with your next set of quality tires.


Sometimes when we run over those unexpected pot holes or hit the curb a little too hard, our alignment may be thrown off. Along with other problems that can occur, a vehicle with bad alignment can wear down your tires much faster then you like. We can check your vehicles alignment in just a few minutes.

Front End Repair

Have you been noticing the front end of your car or truck making noises that sound “not quite right”? You might need us to check out the front end. Here again, we know what we are looking for and will do everything we can to reassure you that you are safe.

Belts & Hoses

Hoses leak and belts break … that is a certainty. And they usually do at the worst possible times. We can thoroughly check your car or truck, and find any old or worn out belts and hoses. Don’t let something so simple cause you problems down the road.


Neglecting your brakes is the most dangerous mistake you can make as a car or truck owner. Have you ever needed to stop fast? Bad brakes might prevent your ability to avoid potential danger in the road. Don’t wait years between brake checks … have us make sure you can stop, fast!

CV Joints

CV joints are something most drivers do not even know what they are or what they do. However, they are still very important. That’s just part of what we do. We know all about them. Let us take a look.


We all want a comfortable ride. But if you have bad shocks and struts, comfort is nowhere to be found! But more than just your personal comfort, our car or truck needs that cushioned ride, as well. This is just another of the many things we can do for you.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters naturally filter the fuel that goes to your engine. That means it keeps dirt particles out of your engine … which is a very good thing. Engines are costly items, so protect yours with regular fuel filter changes.

Tune Ups

Sometimes our way of transportation just gets a little sluggish. We all know the feeling. If you are thinking that your vehicle just doesn’t seem to have the power it once had, please give us a call or send us a message through our website and lets get it in.

Starters & Alternators

Starters and alternators can be working fine one moment, and then go bad “all of the sudden”, leaving you stranded. Alternators can even cause other symptoms in your car like a low or dead battery. These parts are not ones you can just look at and see if they are ok. However, at AUTO XPRESS, we can ensure you are up to standards on these items.


We will do everything we can to ensure your vehicle is running at tip-top shape. This could save you tons of money down the road by preventing you from having to replace a motor, transmission, or other costly parts. (We specialize in protecting your vehicle, so we do NOT rebuild transmissions or engines.) Ask us about our Batteries, we have a great price..